What\'s New!?


We’ll change the restaurant name, but please keep in your mind We are ・・

Same Owner,
Same Management,
Same Menu,

Just we’ll get New Name, Kodiak Hana Restaurant.

Why Kodiak Hana?

The reason why we chose the name ‘Kodiak Hana’ is because the word Hana, while meaning ‘flower’ in Japanese, has a positive meaning in many other languages as well – the number one in Korean, grace in Hebrew, and happiness in Arabic just to name a few.

While staying true to the Japanese roots of our restaurant, we feel the various ways it can be interpreted shows our resolution to better serve and bring happiness to our customers who come from all parts of the world.

We thank the Kodiak community for all of your support throughout the years and here’s to many more!

Tom, Fumiko, and Kodiak Hana staff