📷 Roll


Golden Dynamite Roll 9.75
Dynamite, lettuce, avocado, Golden tobiko* cream cheese, and tempura flakes in soy wrap.
Coastie Roll 9.95
Fried king Crab tail, tempura flakes, mayo, asparagus, lettuce, wasabi tobiko, smelt roe * and avocado. Served with spicy mayo sauce
Fisherman Roll ,
Small 8.50
Large 13.00
Fried salmon and pollock, avocado, cucumber, ginger wasabi tobiko*, red tobiko, lettuce, mayo, and tempura flakes in soy wrap.
Black Jack Roll 13.25
Eel, spicy tuna*, avocado, tempura flakes.
Shrimp Kodiak Roll 14.75
Panko shrimp, dynamite mix, avocado, and lettuce in soy wrap.
Crispy White Tuna 10.50
Our deep-fried roll with white tuna, asparagus, red pepper, smelt roe & garlic pepper. Served with ginger lemon sauce.
Golden Roll 10.25
Soft shell crab, Tempura flakes, Mayo, lettuce, avocado, golden tobiko*, cucumber, & crab stick. Served with spicy mayo sauce.
Three Bean Roll 9.50
Tempura-fried green beans, soybeans, avocado, cucumber, & red pepper in soy wrap. Served with wasabi mayo sauce.
Midnight Roll 10.00
Fried salmon, pollock, spicy tuna, almonds, avocado, asparagus, lettuce, wasabi tobiko* & black tobiko in soy wrap. Served with spicy mayo sauce.
Slim Roll 12.00
Tuna*, crab stick, cucumber, avocado and lettuce in soy wrap with four different kinds of tobiko on top.
No Name Roll 9.75
Panko fried shrimp, spicy tuna, ginger, wasabi tobiko, smelt roe*, lettuce, and avocado in soy wrap.
Kodiak Roll 12.00
Fried salmon, tempura flakes, crab stick, cucumber, smelt roe*, lettuce, mayo, avocado, & tobiko in soy wrap.
Shrimp Inari 8.50
Shrimp tempura, smelt roe*, spicy mayo, and sushi rice inside a pocket of sweet fried tofu. Topped with sesame seeds and wasabi mayo on the side.