📷 Sushi

Sushi Entree

King Powerhouse Chirashi 42.00
Powerhouse Chirashi with the addition of 4 pieces of king crab.
Powerhouse Chirashi 29.50
Our popular chef’s special.
Chirashi Sushi 23.00
An assortment of raw and cooked fish arranged carefully over a bed of rice.
Chirashi Salad 23.00
Chirashi Sushi served over greens, seaweed salad and squid salad
Sushi & Sashimi Combo 24.50
A combination plate with 6 pieces of nigiri sushi and sashimi plus a California roll
Sushi A 18.00
7 pieces of assorted nigiri sushi and a California roll
Sushi B 21.00
9 pieces of assorted nigiri sushi and a tuna roll
Sashimi A, 21.00,
Sashimi B, 26.00
A 13 pieces
B (shown) 16 pieces
Hand Roll Combination 16.50
Eel, tuna, crunchy shrimp & California roll transformed into handrolls