Kodiak ?

Well known her pretty shape as Emerald


Coast Guard Kodiak Base – The Guardians

oph coast guard

“The Tustumena – Trusty Tusty she is known to the locals – a cruise boat for the Alaska State Ferry, part of the Alaska State Highway system. She docks in Kodiak about 3 times per week, ferrying people, automobiles, goods and whatever else she is hired to bring.”

“quote from first time fisherman”

She is passing just in front of Powerhouse.

*** Dear Ms. Tustumena, Thanks for hard work for us!

Pretty Kodiak Airport running by Kodiak Island borough( I guess..)

oph11 airport

Countless number of national eagle, God bless Kodiak.


Of course around Powerhouse too.


During having your meal,  you can see swimming sea lions just from your table2015-12-03_16h13_50

National second largest fishing industry


And some yummy restaurants