Hana Rose

Nine pieces of sashimi tuna with carpaccio sauce 15.50

Spicy Pepper Tataki

Seared tuna* sprinkled with mixed chili pepper. Served on spicy mayo sauce 11.00

Tuna Tartare Hana Style*

Layers of crispy wonton skin topped with tuna, avocado, tomato & cucumber. Decorated with wasabi mayo sauce 12.50

Black Cod Appetizer

Black cod marinated in miso for days and then broiled. 13.50

Salmon Miso Appetizer

Salmon topped with soybean butter sauce. 12.50

Blue Mussels Appetizer

Blue mussels served with garlic butter sauce. 17.50

Healthy Trio

Seared tuna layered with avocado served with homemade lemon ginger sauce 12.50

Tempura — Mixed or Vegetable  

Mixed:  Deep-fried shrimp, sweet potato, pumpkin, & broccoli or vegetables 10.50        Vegetable only 9.50


Japanese style pork and vegetable dumplings 7.50


Steamed pork and shrimp dumplings 7.50

・Grilled Bacon wrapped Scallops 13.50

・Fried Okra 6.50

・Fried Calamari 11.00

・Popcorn Shrimp 11.00

・Pacific Cod  : Deep fried Pacific cod 10.50

・Beef Tartar  : Very thin slices of rare, grilled beef with green salad & lemon soysauce 13.00

・Edamame : Broiled soybean in pods 6.00

・Chicken  : Teriyaki or fried 9.00

・Tropical Taco Roll  : Teriyaki beef, greensaladvegetables, mayo & banana wrapped in a tortilla shell 10.50

・Fried Oysters : Breaded, deep fried oysters 8.00

・Green Mussels : Steamed mussels with spicy onion sauce 9.00

・Mini Vegetable Eggrolls  : 5 pieces 7.50