Ranked Foods in Jan/2019 were here.


No 1.    California Roll

California Roll is classic and basic. This is the face of American Sushi.

No 2.   Coastie Roll

This is a kind of surprised result but Coastie roll is loved by Kodiakians.

No 3.   Shrimp Tempura Roll

This is another favorite roll!

No 4.   #1-B Beef Box

The favorite lunch box was Beef!

No 5.   Crunchy Shrimp Roll

No 6.   BlackJack Roll

No 7.   Gyoza

This is the most popular appetizer, Gyoza!

No 8.   No-name Roll

No 9.   #1-A Chicken Box

No10.   Tuna  (Nigiri sushi)

Tuna is the King of Nigiri sushi!


Then, Who would be the Next Champ !!??

It’s Up to YOU!

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