You must be interesting what they love. We have favorite meals in 2020 here!


Black Jack Roll

1st. California Roll
2nd. Coastie Roll
3rd. Shrimp Tempura Roll
4th. BlackJack Roll
5th. Dynamite Roll
6th. Spicy Tuna Roll
7th. Crunchy Shrimp Roll
8th. Kodiak Roll
9th. No-Name Roll
10th. Shrimp Kodiak
11th. Golden Dynamite Roll
12th. Golden Roll
13th. California Roll with Roe
14th.Fisherman Roll Large
15th. Crispy White Tuna
16th. Bagel Roll
17th. Tuna Roll
18th. Dynamite Tuna Roll
19th. Eel Roll
20th. Midnight Roll

Sushi Combos

Sushi Sashimi Combination

1st. Powerhouse Chirashi
2nd. Sushi B
3rd. Hand Roll Combination
4th. Sushi & Sashimi Combination
5th. Sushi A

Sushi Nigiris

1st. Tuna
2nd. Salmon
3rd. Yellowtail
4th. Eel
5th. 1/2Avoca Spicy Tuna
6th. Toro
7th. Scallop
8th. Octopus
9th. Shrimp
10th. Sweet Shrimp

Kitchen Menus

Shrimp Tempura Entree

1st. Gyoza
2nd. Beef Rice Special
3rd. Shumai
4th. Mixed Tempura
5th. Chicken Rice Speci
6th. Edamame
7th. Shrimp Tempura Entrée
8th. Pork Rice Special
9th. Tropical Taco Roll
10th. Spicy Pepper Tataki
11th. Nabeyaki Udon
12th. Vegetable Tempura Appetizer
13th. Kid’s Chicken
14th. Black Cod
15th. Mini Veg Eggrolls
16th. Tonkotsu Ramen
17th. Chicken Yakisoba
18th. Chicken Katsu Entrée
19th. Ribeye Wine Sauce
20th. Beef Donburi

Lunch Box

1st. #1-B Beef Box
2nd. #1-A Chicken Box
3rd. #3-B Chirashi Sushi Box
4th. #2 Fish & Chip Box
5th. #3-A Sushi Sashimi Box

Then, Who would be the Next Champ !!??
It’s Up to YOU!
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